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Who We Are


Located in Champagne, a small Swiss village in Western Switzerland, since 1905, we produce precision metallic tubes and profiles.

We operate strict controls in order to ensure product quality. Dimensions, shapes, mechanical properties, metallurgical structure and surface condition are thoroughly controlled.

Design and continuous development of our machinery is carried out in our engineering office and implemented by our own engineers whether this involves mandrel and plug drawing benches, bull-blocks, rolling mills, automatic saws, straightening equipment, etc.

Our certifications

SWISS-TUBE LN Industries SA is certified according general industry standards ISO 9001:2015, automotive IATF 16949:2016,  medical ISO 13485:2012 & aerospace ISO9100.

We also comply to the RoHS requirements and the Conflict Minerals Rules, but we mainly focus on our customers’ requirements, as these are the most important to them!

See the certificates in our download area.

Our suppliers can perform a self-assessment here, that may help future exchanges & businesses.