Our activity: creating surface!

Made in Switzerland

Swiss-Tube designs processes to manufacture tubes of extremely small dimensions and/or very thin walls.

A tradition of high precision made in Switzerland:

Manufacturing tubes: an activity which goes far back in the history of La Nationale SA. This company was founded in 1905 by four watchmakers who wanted to bring together their skills for a brighter future. La Nationale quickly diversified its productions. In the early 1920s, the company started manufacturing a cigarette lighter. This encouraged the company to further explore this sector, as well as other lines of production, such as locks, silver contacts, fuses, eyeglass frames and tubes. These quickly became a specialty of our Champagne shopfloors in Switzerland (VD). Now renamed LN Industries, the group includes, in addition to the Swiss-Tube unit, the Manufacture de Haute Accessoirie (MHA) in Geneva that manufactures luxury products such as pens, lighters, key chains, cufflinks and office objects and LNI Swissgas that produces measurement and calibration equipment.